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  • Advances in Methodologies For Assessing Islet Function
  • Insulin Signalling & Insulin Resistance : New understandings
  • Brain And Liver Control Of Glucose Metabolism
  • Modulators Of Gluco- And Lipotoxicity
  • Thermogenic Activation Of Adipose Tissue-The key to treat Diabesity?
  • Insulin Resistance - New Insights And Nutritional Approaches To Therapy
  • Clinical Practice In Preventing Diabetes Foot Complications.
  • Approach To Dyslipidaemia In Diabetes
  • Precision Nutrition In Type 2 DM
  • Impact of Exercise Types & Training In Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes
  • Individualizing Diabetes Care And Education For Children, Teens & Young Adults With Diabetes
  • Updates On Type 2 Diabetes In Pregnancy - Clinical Outcomes And Pathophysiology
  • Update On Monogenic & Neonatal Diabetes
  • NAFLD In Diabetes An Overlooked Complication ? - Diagnosis & Emerging Therapies
  • Novel Insights In Gestational Diabetes - Before, During, After
  • Updates On Inpatient Diabetes Management
  • Definition & Interpretation Of Remission In Type 2 DM
  • The Future Of Insulin - Weekly, Oral, Smart Or Interchangeable Therapies
  • Dual Incretin Receptor Agonists: Is GIP Receptor Agonism The Key For Success?
  • Mitigating ASCVD Risk In Diabetes
  • Recent Advances In Treatment Of Diabetic Kidney Disease
  • Emerging Ideas In Diabetes Foot Complications
  • New Hope, Old Challenges In Heart Failure
  • The Cardio-Renal-Metabolic Challenge In Type 2 Diabetes
  • Clinical Pearls In The Practical Use Of Automated Insulin Delivery Systems
  • Is TIR The Gold Standard In Glucose Management
  • Pregnancy And Diabetes Technology
  • Tips On Operating Diabetes Care In A Virtual Set Up
  • GMI And Hba1c- What To Learn From The Differences
  • The Use Of AI, Machine Learning And Digital Therapeutics For Behavioural Modification