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    Plenary Sessions

  • Who Sufferes More: Are Women with Diabetes at Higher Cardiovascular Risk?
  • Patient Centerd Care: Shared Decision Making
  • Pre-Diabetes: Does it Really Matter?
  • Does your Clinical Management Match Evidence? Treatment Decision after Metformin in Management of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Should we have more Holistic Treatment Approach to Improve Healthy Lifespan in People Living with Type 2 Diabetes?
  • Current Diabetes and Obesity Management and Future Opportunities
  • Your Time is ACT NOW: Breaking Barriers in Type 2 Diabetes Care
  • Right Way of Treatment: The Right Drug for the Right Patient at the Right Time
  • Make me a Match: Selecting Glucose Lowering Combinations for Type 2 Diabetes
  • Factorial Impact of Hpatic Steatosis and Atherogenic Dyslipidemia on Macrovascular Disease and Microangiopathic Complications in Type 2 Diabetes
  • COVID-19 and Type 1 Diabetes
  • Improving Diabetes Care through benchmarking: The Swedish Recipe
  • Glucose Lowering Strategies for Cardia Benefits: Pathophysiologic Mechanisms
  • Hypoglycemia and Cardiovascular Disease: How low is low?
  • Selection of Anti-Diabetic Agents in a Person with Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Failure

    Basic Science

  • The Biology of Longevity and Ageing in Relation to Metabolic Diseases
  • Adipose Tissue as a Major Deteminant of Systemic Insulin Sensitivity
  • Differences in Hepatic Steatosis and Metabolic Features of Novel Diabetes Sub-Types
  • Metabolism, Insulin Sensitivity and Physical Fitness of Human Skeletal Muscle in Ageing

    Clinical Trials & Guidelines

  • Major Results from the Glycaemia Reduction Approaches in Diabetes: A Comparative Effective (GRADE) Study
  • EMPEROR Preserved Study
  • Is it Time to Let Go of Cardiovascular Outcome Trials?
  • Are we going to Learn more from Broader Evaluations of New Glycemic Lowering Medications beyond CVOTs
  • Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) Guideline for Management of Diabetes in Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Landmark Trials in Heart Failure: DAPA-HF and EMPEROR-Reduced - Do we have all the answers for SGLT2 Inhibitors in Heart Failure?
  • Landmark Trials in Heart Failure: DELIVER and EMPEROR-Preserved - Will SGLT2 Inhibitors Succeed in Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction?
  • Current Guidelines on Diabetes Management


  • 5 Years of Cardiovascular benefits of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists
  • The Future of Incretin based Treatments
  • Next Step in Incretin Therapy: From Single to Dual Agonism
  • What are the benefits of Early Initiation of GLP-1RAs?
  • The Journey from Glucagon to Incretins in Physiology and Disease
  • Do GLP-1RAs Protect the Kidneys?

    Cardio-Renal Complications

  • What has been Achieved Regarding Cardiovascular Complications?
  • How can we Compromise between Gluco and Cardio-Centric Management of Diabetes?
  • Heart Failure in Diabetes Mellitus: The Role of Diabetologist
  • Heart Failure Management: A Perspective from Diabetes Care
  • Clinical Trials in DKD
  • New Ways to Understand Kidney Disease in Diabetes
  • Teaming up to Tackle Cardio-Renal Risk in Diabetes
  • Spotlight on Glycaemic Management in Individuals with T2DM and CVD
  • Strategies to reduce Cardiovascular Risk in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diabetic Kidney Disease: Where are We and Where are we Going?
  • Early Kidney Disease: Interventions to Slow Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease

    SGLT2 Inhibitors

  • The Impact of Diabtes: Antidiabetic Treatments and Effects on Fracture Risk
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors in Heart Failure: Piecing Together the Puzzle of Preserved Ejection Fraction
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors: Implications from Clinical Trials and Guidelines
  • SGLT2 Inhibitors in the Spectrum of Diabetes, CVD & CKD
  • Combined Effect of SGLT2 Inhibitors and RAAS Bloackage on Cardio-Renal Outcomes
  • Concept of Class Specificity v/s Molecule Specificity
  • Why, When and Which SGLT2 Inhibitors?
  • MTE-1: Why Target Matters?

    Diabetic Foot

  • The Changing Face of Pediatric Diabetes
  • Diagnosis for Type 1 Diabetes: Clinical v/s Auto Antibody
  • Novel Therapies for Type 1 Diabetes
  • Monogenic Diabetes: Are we screening Enough?
  • Current Trends in Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes Care

    Pediatric Diabetes

  • Charcot Osteoarthropathy Prevention and Preventive Offloading
  • Diabetes Foot Risk Assessment in Primary Care
  • Evidence based Pharmacotherapy of Diabetic Polyneuropathy
  • Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Care and Prevention
  • How Come not Every Patient with Diabetes Developes Vascular Complications?
  • It's Genes, Its Environment, It's Drugs


  • A Hompage to 100 Years of Insulin Therapy
  • Insulin Innovations: The Past - Journey So Far
  • Insulin Innovations: The Present - Current Scenario
  • Insulin Innovations: The Future - Roadmap to the Future Opportunities
  • What we Know about how Insulin Works: 100 Years Later

    Diabetes & Technology

  • Telemedicine in Crucial for Diabetes Care Delivery
  • DIY - Why are we not Waiting?
  • What more is needed for Closing the Loop?
  • Diabetes Management through Digital Patient Education and Training
  • Current and Future State of Blood Glucose Monitoring
  • Emerging Technologies in Diabetes Care
  • DIY: Provider Concerns, Approaches and the Future
  • Remote Monitoring and Use of Telehealth: Lessons Learned from a Pandemic
  • Is Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) an Effective Diabetes Management Tool in Primary Care?
  • Understanding the Current State of Apps for Supporting Effective Diabetes Care
  • Nuts and Bolts of “Looping” in 2021

    Diabetes & Technology

  • Back to Basics: Why are Obesity and Diabetes Related?
  • Is a Weight Centric Goal for Diabetes Treatment Feasible?
  • Long Term Effects of Bariatric Surgery on Gut Peptide Responses
  • Molecular Mechanism of Metabolic Surgery and Diabetes Reversal
  • Endocrine Consequences of Bariatric Surgery

    Hotspots in Diabetes

  • The Importance of Triglycerides Continues to Emerge
  • We all know what Causes Hypoglycaemia: Don't we?
  • Carbohydrate Counting: Still Useful with Evolving Insulin Delivery Technologies?
  • How to Use Feedback from Registries in the Clinical Practice?
  • Do We Still need all Five Standard Tests in the Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Autonomic Neuropathy?
  • Therapeutic Patients' Education
  • In Hospital Management of Hyperglycemia: Still a Cindrella of Diabetes Management?
  • Diagnosis and Management of Hypogonadism in Men with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Diabetes & Hypertension
  • Diabetes Distress
  • Hypothyroidism Dilemmas
  • Diabetes Dementia


  • Preventing Diabetic Complications: GLP-1 RA v/s SGLT2 Inhibitors
  • Use of Ultra Long Acting Insulin in Managing Diabetes : Glargine U300 v/s Degludec
  • Use of SUs in Managing Diabetes: Glimepiride v/s Gliclazide - Which is better?